PVC 2D Rubber Patches


50 patches 110$
PVC rabber patches can be Made 2d or 3d for good looking . A sewing channel can be added as well as hook and loop backing. And with valco

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Introducing HZPatches‘ PVC 2D Rubber Patches—crafted for resilience and style. These durable patches offer a sleek 2D design and are meticulously made from PVC rubber, ensuring longevity and vibrant aesthetics.

Ideal for showcasing intricate designs, logos, or team emblems, these patches offer flexibility in shape and color, catering to diverse preferences. Whether for personal use, team representation, or corporate branding, our PVC 2D Patches withstand the elements and maintain their visual appeal.

Customize your patches with precision and enjoy a seamless blend of durability and affordability at just $2.5 per piece. A sewing channel can be added as well as hook and loop backing with Valco.

Bundle Packages for 2D PVC Patches:

  • 50 patches 110$
  • 100 patches 150$
  • 150 patches 180$
  • 200 patches 200$
  • 250 patches 230$
  • 300 patches 250$
  • 350 patches 300$
  • 400 patches 430$
  • 450 patches 450$
  • 500 patches 480$
  • 1000 patches 800$
  • 2000 patches 1500$

With back Valco, design and shipping charges included.


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